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18 MacDirectory DePartMent AdvAnCES By vISHAkHA SonAwAnE new technology saves Battery consumption and Increases standby time in Mobiles and computers Researchers at The University of Texas at Dallas developed a latest technology that would prove helpful in reducing energy consumption in mobile devices and computers which in turn would lead to longer standby time. The team explains that the new method taps into the power of a single electron to control energy consumption inside transistors, which rare at the core of most modern electronic systems. Furthermore, they found, after adding a specific atomic thin film layer to a transistor, the layer became like a filter for the energy that passed through it at room temperature. The signal from the device was six to seven times sharper as opposed to the conventional devices, the researchers noted in a press release. "The whole semiconductor industry is looking for steep devices because they are key to having small, powerful, mobile devices with many functions that operate quickly without spending a lot of battery power," said Dr. Jiyoung Kim, professor of materials science and engineering in the Jonsson School."Our device is one solution to make this happen." Implants that would self Heal Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is developing ultra-miniature implants that would help self-healing in the human body by modulating nerves. The implants, known as Electrical Prescriptions or ElecRX, will work by monitoring the body and stimulate nerves to promote body healing. This would also help for an alternative to current practice of medical healing which remains the stronghold of pharmaceutical giants. The implants, called, are being developed by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Researchers said that a particular biological process known Nueromodulation is concept behind ElectRx. The process involves monitoring of body's internal organs by peripheral nerves. Under disease or infections conditions, the process fails to function efficiently, worsening sickness and preventing healing. Doug Webber, DARPA programme manager, said explained that the implant works as a tiny, intelligent pacemaker. It would continuously examine conditions and provide stimulus patterns aimed to maintain healthy organ function. The implant's electrical impulses will be delivered to nerves on requirement, which would keep neuromodulation working. The main aim is to promote healing.

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