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In addition, environmental advocates remain unimpressed. The campaign group Green America asks Apple to go further to protect its workers. "Beyond benzene and n-hexane, there are thousands of chemicals used in the manufacturing of electronics - some of which are largely untested - and many chemicals used by Apple suppliers remain undisclosed," the group writes in an online statement. They ask that Apple "look deeper into its supply chain, to the second and third tier suppliers, where chemical usage and safety procedures are less controlled." apple, samsung Drop Legal Disputes outside u.s. Since 2011 the two tech giants have been involved in an escalating battle over patent disputes in nine countries, but have agreed to withdraw their cases against one another outside the U.S., reports the BBC. A joint statement from the two companies—the two leaders in the smartphone and tablet markets—said the agreement does not involve any licensing arrangements and that they would continue to pursue their existing legal cases in the U.S. Among the technologies under dispute is the "slide to unlock" feature.In the U.S., Apple has won two verdicts against Samsung in recent years, but was also ruled to have infringed Samsung's patents. In addition, two years ago, a separate jury ordered Samsung to pay Apple $1.05bn in damages for infringing intellectual property, the BBC reports—a verdict that is still being challenged by Samsung. apple Quietly Kills off iPod classic After 13 years of service, Apple has removed the classic from the Online Apple Store and their iPod webpage, notes Apple Insider. As they say— it is clear that an era has come to an end. The iPod classic, descended from the original iPod, was a unique holdout with its click wheel as Apple moved on to touchscreen interfaces. The iPod classic was marketed as Apple's most spacious mobile music player, with 160GB of internal storage on a spinning hard drive. "Before axing the product, Apple carried the iPod classic's design over from the sixth-generation iPod, which was first unveiled in 2007. A few aesthetic tweaks came in 2009, but the overall shape and functional features remained unchanged for over six years," Apple Insider says. Remaining now are the flash-based 16GB, 32GB and 64GB iPod touch models; the 16GB iPod nano; and the 2GB iPod shuffle. MacDirectory 17 DePartMent APPLE BITES

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