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MacDirectory 37 DEPARTMENT Apple in Science Not surprisingly, more and more scientists and doctors are switching to Apple computers each year in order to perform complex research and mind-boggling calculations. This new video podcast takes viewers behind the scenes and shows off some amazing applications of Apple in the scientific world. The first episode provides an overview of how surgeons are using a Mac Pro workstation to perform minimally invasive surgery on a patient suffering from early stage gastric cancer. While some of the visuals are a tad awkward, the technologically driven surgery is fascinating. If you prefer not to peak around the innards of an operating room, you can learn about how Macs are being used to monitor the progression of Alzheimer's disease or how pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has turned to Apple in its never ending quest to develop the next breakthrough medication. Thinking different has never seemed so scientific. Hooked on Phonics The only thing I hated more than math in the first grade was phonics. I didn't care to learn the difference between a hard C and a soft C, vowels were a bore and homework distracted me from ruling my empire of G.I. Joes. So it was with great reluctance that I opened up the Hooked on Phonics podcast. I'll assume that if you're reading this you probably have a decent command of the English language and you wouldn't benefit too much from phonics lessons. However, if you have kids, nieces and nephews or teach elementary school, the Hooked on Phonics podcast is a must. The cartoons are wildly entertaining and the educational benefits of the short episodes seem immense. It's never too early to introduce youngsters to reading and technology, and this podcast allows you to do both. Who wouldn't want to trade in their textbooks for an iPod? Bones Over Metal Even if careening down mountains at dangerous speeds on a full suspension bike isn't your cup of tea, you'll still be entertained by the aptly named Bones Over Metal podcast. Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of this show is how it cuts through the snobbery that often comes along with serious cyclists and makes the sport seem accessible to anyone. What's even more impressive is the three-part video that the folks behind Bones Over Metal have been teasing out on iTunes for free. Filmed at beautiful locations mostly in the Pacific Northwest, the mini- documentary is a wonderful snapshot of the downhill subculture. It captures the camaraderie among the riders as well as their competiveness and laces it with astonishing footage of them flowing down technical descents and soaring off massive dirt jumps. Walking Tours Exploring a new city is awesome, but being a tourist sucks. Thumbing through an outdated guidebook looking for the address of the some obscure landmark while your girlfriend points out your navigational shortcomings on a bus map is similar to visiting a sadistic proctologist. Fortunately, a slew of walking tour podcasts has popped up in recent years. Stroll through Central Park, take a Chicago poetry tour or hike up a volcano in one of Hawaii's national parks with the aid of a friendly, digital guide. With these podcasts there are no bulky books and torturous tour groups, just you, headphones and scenery. KEXP song of the day It's no secret that the proliferation of iPods and podcasting has taken its toll on radio stations. But this podcast is a nice example of how an old industry is adapting to new technology. The headquarters of Seattle's KEXP is about 2,100 miles away from my apartment in Chicago, but once a day I tune into the distant station's podcast to hear its pick for song of the day. I'm not saying all of the songs are good, but most of them are new and all of them are free. HOTTEST PODCASTS MACDIRECTORY PRESENTS ITS PERIODIC LOOK AT THE HOTTEST PODCASTS ON THE WEB. WHETHER IT'S SCIENCE, PHONICS, EXPLORING NEW LOCALES OR SIMPLY FINDING A SONG TO MAKE YOUR DAY, WE HAVE IT COVERED. WORDS BY CHRIS SWEENEY

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