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120 MacDirectory CLOSER LOOK NUCOURSE DISTRIBUTION "nuCourse Distribution, when you write it out you can follow the caps, it's lower case nu, upper case C, and then lower case. You can tell this is going to be a fun interview." And that was the opening introduction to nuCourse and Logan Webster, marketing director for the company. I had looked at the Web site and did a little research on the company and was finally able to track Logan down after his vacation. MacDirectory > So tell me, who is Logan Webster? Logan Webster > I am in charge of sales and marketing. I was one of the guys who started this and helped to build nuCourse a year and a half ago. My background is marketing. All the executives here went to school together and are buddies. I worked for a buddy of mine for about a year and we started the company. We wanted to be a new distributor and with a new course or direction so nuCourse. MD > When did nuCourse first get started? LW > nuCourse Distribution, the idea, was first birthed in January a year and four months ago. nuCourse Distribution barebones is a distributor of products that are housed in our warehouse and distributed out to resellers like wireless stores, Apple stores, colleges, online businesses. Barebones we are just like any other distributor. MD > Is the reseller able to purchase at enough of a discount where they are able to get a decent markup and still be competitive? LW > Oh yeah! We offer very good wholesale prices. Competitive wholesale pricing. MD > Why should anyone buy from you? LW > We have unique products they cannot get anywhere else, like Switch Easy. But really, our claim to fame is handheld, one-on-one personal service; e- mail; phone; IM chat; Twitter – every which way we can be in touch with the customer; we are going to do that. I haven't heard of a single other distributor that does anything outside of 'I'll call you if you call me' or maybe they do random sales calls. We really are hands-on with our customers and outside of that we coach every customer as to what their best product is, what their demographic is, who they are selling to, what their territory is. In downtown New York you are getting a lot of foot traffic you should pull us in. If you are in some rural area outside of Houston, Texas, you are not in that sort of demographic. You are not going to sell our stuff and you shouldn't put us in. You are not going to sell in that sort of area. So, all of that combines into one-on-one, very hands-on delivery. Same-day service – we ship same-day on all in-stock products and we have a very intuitive Web site that shows inventory alerts, shows in stock/out of stock, we have feeds to various online sites such as Google or eBay so that someone can click on a button on a product, search that product and see what sort of retail movement there is so they can make their buying decision after they have seen how well it is selling. MD > Do you encourage people to have an online store? LW > To have an online retail store themselves? Two answers to that. It depends on their approach. If they want to do a drop-ship program where they are not housing inventory and we are for them, that's one method we see a lot. We really encourage people to house the inventory themselves as it is a better customer experience for their customer, a better buying experience for themselves as a business since they can maintain their inventory and stock levels. Whereas if they are drop shipping we could be out of stock especially with hot-selling items. They cannot guarantee their customer is going to get it if we are out of stock. To answer the question, yes people should have a Web site. A retail store should have a Web store as well. There is no minimum purchase to buy from us. You can find nuCourse on the Web at Check out the nuProducts and nuServices at the nuWarehouse. WORDS BY E.L. GRIGGS

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