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116 MacDirectory CLOSER LOOK HYPERMAC > EXTERNAL POWER FOR YOUR MAC COMPUTER It seems that the life span of an internal battery is not enough for all our wants and needs. But have no fear, HyperMac is here. Sanho Corp., the company behind the HyperDrive photo back-up devices, has introduced this external MacBook battery pack that works with the entire Apple MacBook family of notebook computers. This one-of-a-kind device will allow you to use any MacBook product for up to 32 hours. How does it work? Simple. In comparison to the MacBook Air internal battery that is only 37Wh, this external battery pack comes in four capacities: 60Wh, 100Wh, 150Wh, and 220Wh. It is capable of powering the MacBook, MacBook Pro and all MacBook Air models through long-haul flights, extended outdoor shoots, expeditions to remote locations or any situation where electricity is not an option simply by plugging in the original MagSafe connectors from your MacBook to the battery pack. The HyperMac battery intelligently determines which MacBook model is connected and adjusts the charging power automatically. The charging cables use Apple MagSafe connectors that allow the user to have maximum compatibility among the MacBook family. What if you are on the road? No problem. The HyperMac car charger is the better way to power and recharge your MacBook. Unlike DC-to-AC auto inverters, the HyperMac pure DC-only car charger does not produce any dangerous high AC voltages. It is twice as efficient, more compact and produces a cleaner power signal important for high fidelity performance. With the HyperMac car charger you can power and recharge the MacBook directly from the automobile cigarette slot. And as if this little device did not do enough already, the HyperMac can also power and recharge the latest iPhone 3G simultaneously with the MacBook. Power your MacBook continuously for more than a day or recharge your iPhone 52 times. The HyperMac external battery comes with a USB 5V/1A power port that allows you to power any USB device. Your MacBook regards the HyperMac connection as a connection to the original power adapter. Not only does HyperMac provide power for the MacBook, but it charges the internal battery as well. "HyperMac allows the MacBook user to easily extend their MacBook battery life," Daniel Chin, president of Sanho Corporation, said in a news release. "With the MacBook moving towards unibody designs with built-in batteries, HyperMac is the only viable option to extend the unibody MacBook's mobile computing time beyond the power grid. "Using HyperMac external batteries will also help to reduce the strain on the MacBook internal batteries and extend the overall life span of these difficult to replace batteries," he concludes. The HyperMac battery pack is what everyone needs these days. With busy life styles, and laptops becoming our new pen and paper, we need to make sure to never get caught without it. Check the HyperMac battery level anytime with the built-in-4-stage LED indicator and recharge when needed. HyperMac batteries use the same high- end lithium ion cells that are supplied to the U.S. military. And unlike the industry standards, in which batteries can only recharge up to 300 times and come with a three-month warranty, the HyperMac is rechargeable up to 1,000 times and it comes with a one-year warranty. The HyperMac is also aesthetically pleasing and comes with the complete Applesque look. The batteries match the MacBook's silver aluminum color, they come with the laser engraved logo, and all-white accessories. Plus, this multi-functional device has dimensions as small as 4.92 x 3.78 x .83'' and weighs .8 lb. So although there is a difference in the life span of your laptop's battery pack, you won't feel the difference on your shoulders. Now leave your original MacBook power adapter behind. Each package comes with the HyperMac external battery, plus one MacBook charging cable and an AC power adapter. The HyperMac car charger and additional MagSafe charging cables are optional. For more information, please visit WORDS BY CLAUDIA PAREDES CLOSER LOOK

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