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114 MacDirectory CLOSER LOOK IHOME > THE LATEST IN SOUND TECHNOLOGY In the old days of music bigger was better, but in today's world the smallest and sleekest systems are the most impressive. Room-sized collections of music can now rest in the palm of a hand. IPods and iPhones can now play an incredible spectrum of music and the iHome series iP1 revolutionizes the listening experience for the user. Available this summer, the iHome Studio Series iP1 speaker system represents the cutting edge in industrial, acoustic and electrical design. It uses a highly efficient class-D bi-amplified solution that delivers stunning crystal clear sound through custom designed pairs of 4" honeycomb woofers and 1" silk dome tweeters. The iP1 also supports component/composite video-out so you can enjoy watching your iPod/iPhone movies on your TV. "What makes the iP1 really special is: the B Button. At the heart of the electronics is a complex algorithm custom-tuned to maximize the performance of the iHome Studio Series. Developed by Bongiovi Acoustics' engineers with over 40 years of experience in the music recording industry, the Digital Power Station is the first 100% active digital signal processor on a consumer electronic product," says the iHome Web site. "With the "B" button activated, the Digital Power Station (DPS), constantly scans the program material and compensates for any deficiencies across the audio frequency spectrum. The result is a restoration of once-missing harmonics, brightness, clarity and presence. It also delivers a deeper, more resonant bass and extends audio bandwidth without adding peak output to the signal." Not only does the iHome offer superior sound quality, but it has other capabilities as well including, playing and charging iPhone and docking iPod models, a universal dock with inserts to fit docking iPod models, and the ability to remote control iPhone and iPod menu functions. The iP1 retail price will be $299. For more information visit . WORDS BY MARY ROSENTHOL 12. World Clock Deluxe 4.6.3 Don't wake your buddy up at the crack of dawn anymore. With multiple clocks on the menu bar and on the dock, the World Clock Deluxe shows Coordinated Universal Time and Internet Time. Assign different formats, labels, and colors to clocks, calculate date and time conversions across different time zones and show the current weather all over the world. Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later. 13. Get Lyrical 3.2 Ever want to sing along to your favorite tunes? Now you can.Auto-magically adds lyrics to songs in iTunes 5+ from It's easy, you can choose either a selection of tracks, the current track, or turn on "Active Tagging" to get lyrics for songs as you play them. No more humming sounds; get the lyrics and start singing. Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5 or later. 14. Delicious Library 2.1.1 Catalog, browse, and share all your books, movies, music and video games with your friends and family. Just point any FireWire digital video camera, like an Apple iSight, at the barcode on the back of any book, movie, music, or video game and Delicious Library ads it to your digital library. Once your whole library is cataloged, you can browse, sort and use your items like never before. Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5.3 or later. FEATURE

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