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MacDirectory 99 BUYERS GUIDE >> Pivotal Revolution: Podium for iPhone Podium's precision-engineered, soft-snap cradle and smooth spherical bearing mechanism enhances thousands of iPhone features, capabilities and applications. Its unique patent- pending design enables you to infinitely adjust the viewing angle of your iPhone for the ultimate hands-free iPhone experience. Podium harmonizes your iPhone with a multitude of hands-free applications. It works with all protective film coverings and the 3G cradle also works for iPod touch. Podium is available in two finishes; Platinum with a classic polished nickel finish with all black cradle for both iPhone Original and 3G, and Pearl in stylish gloss white with a white and black cradle for iPhone 3G. Pearl Podium or Platinum Podium, $68. >> Moshi: iLynx Moshi, an exclusive brand by Aevoe, is a purveyor of electronics fashion. It is showcasing iLynx, an advanced USB/Firewire hub with a slim and low-profile design. iLynx offers unprecedented speed to Mac and iMac users through an easy-to-use FireWire hub that doubles the existing USB and FireWire ports without the need for any external power supply. It comes equipped with Moshi's patented DPS (Dynamic Power Sharing) technology and is the only USB/FireWire combo hub that can support simultaneous operation of high-power peripheral devices such as external hard discs or DVD drives without the need for a power adaptor. The iLynx retails for $60. >> SONAR V-STUDIO: SONAR V-Studio 100 The SONAR V-Studio 100 is the second in the "V-Studio" product line, combining the best of Roland hardware and the top Cakewalk software. The V-Studio 100 is a portable music production studio that handles four major tasks in one unit: create, record, produce, and perform music (all without with or without a computer). The SONAR V-Studio 100 integrates a number of individual features normally found in separate components: a USB 2.0 Audio Interface, DAW Controller, Digital Mixer, SD Recorder, and VS Production Pack for Mac & Windows. Now, musicians make their studio wherever they happen to be: on a tour bus, in a hotel room or lobby, backstage, anywhere. Whenever creativity strikes, they can capture the momentv The SONAR V-Studio 100 unit retails for $699. Pearl Podium Platinum Podium

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