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Can you provide a brief background and what you currently do? JONSIBAL Designworks is an automotive design consultant specializing in body kit designs, livery designs, illustrations, and graphics. We work with top automotive builders, race teams, aftermarket, and OE manufacturers to create concept designs for one-off projects to full mass production parts. Our design work has been featured in numerous automotive events and trade shows, various online and print media, and even in the Super Bowl Half-time show. What sparked your interest in automotive design? Cars caught my attention at a young age, being fascinated by their sounds, scent, and of course distinct shapes. By the time I was able to afford my own car, I wanted to re-style the exterior but because what was available in the market didn’t suit my needs, I designed my own. I learned that presenting my ideas through photo-realistic renderings was a great way to convey my vision to the builder; a key method that I use to this day. What started as a hobby became a legitimate career that allows me to fuel creativity and stir up imagination about what’s possible. What's unique about the process or approach you take to a project? When we have a body kit design project, we spend a lot of time understanding our client’s visions and needs. We believe that the time we invest in preparation is crucial to the execution of their

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