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Fast Lane to Final Adobe Video at NAB By Ric Getter Autumn’s MAX keynote (to be live again this year!) is the big day for many folks in the Adobe community, but for video creators, springtime’s NAB is the venue for many of the company’s key announcements. And this year, they had something really big to talk about. Last year, Adobe announced that had become part of the Adobe family of products. Adobe’s Chief Product Officer and Executive VP of Creative Cloud calls the new partnership “…a new era of connected creativity that is deeply collaborative, and we imagine a world where everyone can participate in the creative process.” With the latest release of Premiere Pro and After Effects Adobe made good on that in a big way. has been integrated into the two programs’ UIs and the service itself is now included as part of most Creative Cloud subscription plans. What is Unless you live in a creative’s fantasy world where review cycles don’t exist, you’ll likely benefit from having in your workflow. As much as we would love to have free rein and full creative control over what they produce, the review process is part of life in the real world. lets you get input at the points in a project where things are easiest to change. It dramatically improves the speed and convenience of collaboration and provides the opportunity to make client/collaborator communication crystal clear. is, at the most fundamental level, an online tool for letting clients and collaborators view and comment on your work in progress. On location, you can quickly upload proxies of what you’ve just shot using’s speedy Camera to Cloud technology and an editor can immediately start a rough cut or a client at a remote site can determine if that’s the shot they want. It’s also lets you blast select footage onto social media nearly as fast as a live stream. With any video footage, raw or edited, frame accurate comments and even basic sketches can be added by any reviewer. With the latest version’s integration into Creative Cloud, these will appear in a new workspace added to Premiere Pro and After Effects. includes a well-designed mobile app to give reviewers anytime/anywhere access as well as immediate notice that there’s something new to look at. There’s good news when it comes to’s capacities. It will support up to five concurrent projects, provides 100 GB of storage, and allows for an unlimited number of reviewers (well, maybe not all good news).

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