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Only a few providers are big enough to compete globally as content investment is projected to top $230B this year. The major challenge for all streaming services is subscription churn – people adding/cancelling services. The key for all of the folks in the new entertainment arena is managing subscription costs and developing/delivering new, exciting and unique content to keep subscribers happy or to get them to return. Understanding, interpreting, and using subscriber data properly is becoming vital to streamers. The enticing note though for the industry is there are still a lot of people around the globe who haven’t cut their pay TV service. While many households have both pay and subscription TV, more than 58 percent of the TV households still rely on day/time viewing. Streaming subscription services reached 1.3B globally last year and are expected to grow 2.5 percent through 2025 at the expense of Pay TV. The key is the winners will be those who continue to invest in content that appeals to and attracts customers around the globe because every consumer is important. None of them want to lose any subscriber for long so, the smart services will continue to invest in content. Whether it’s a local, regional or global service; every viewer is important to streaming services. As Lilly (The Coyote) said in Army of the Dead, “I've never left anyone I didn't have to, or who didn't deserve it.” With all of the pressure on streamers and content creators, some will be left behind. Oh, and don’t worry about testing to see if our phone number still works. It’s the nice thing about being a consultant. We use our own phone so if you call … we’ll answer.

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