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2 iPhone Features You Can Use Even if the Phone Is off and the Battery’s Dead By Sergio Velasquez The battery life of the iPhone has always been a subject of debate. Some people believe that a bigger battery would help the device so much, while others think Apple’s made its software and hardware so power-efficient; the iPhone works well with the current battery it has. One thing’s for sure, Apple makes the most of the battery, no matter how big or small it is. Even if your iPhone dies because it doesn’t have enough battery, there are still a couple of things you can do with it. That’s right; your iPhone is still semi-functional even if the battery runs out. Of course, you can’t do much with it, but there are a couple of features you can still use even if the iPhone’s battery is completely dry. You Can Still Use Find My to Locate Your iPhone The Find My app has become an incredibly powerful tool to locate your iPhone, AirPods, and even your keys with the help of the AirTag. And believe it or not, the Find My app is so powerful that you can use it to locate your iPhone even if it is turned off or doesn’t have any battery left. That’s right, even if someone steals your iPhone and turns it off, you can still track it with the Find My app. What’s more, Apple confirms that even if your iPhone has no battery left, you’ll still have the chance to find it with Find My for several more hours. Another cool thing that’s worth mentioning is that if Activation Lock is enabled, you can still use Find My even if someone factory resets your iPhone settings. Express Card Transactions Even if the battery is dead, you can still use your iPhone to do a few card transactions when something called Express Mode is turned on. This means that, even if you run out of battery at the end of the day, you can still use your iPhone to access your car keys, home keys, a payment, or a transit card. Supported iPhone devices can use this feature with:

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