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Apple Is Cutting Trade-in Values for Used Macs, iPads, and Apple Watches By Kelly Hodgkins Want to trade in an older Mac, iPad, or Apple Watch? We’ve got some bad news for you – you’re going to get less money than you might have expected. Apple recently lowered its trade-in values by up to $700 depending on the item you are looking to sell. Apple’s trade-in program is convenient for Apple owners to dispose of their older devices and get some money in return. Typically, owners trade in their older devices and use that cash towards a new device they buy directly from Apple. Apple gets products that it can refurbish and resell, while consumers can recycle their devices without the hassle of dealing with third-party services like eBay or Craigslist. It’s a win-win program for consumers and Apple. Unfortunately, the new terms of this trade-in program mean consumers will get less money for their devices. The reason is simple, supply and demand. New models are coming this year, and older models become somewhat less desirable. The products affected by these lowered values include the following: 1. MacBook Pro: Was up to $1,350; Now up to $1,000, 2. MacBook Air: Was up to $490; Now up to $400 3. MacBook: Was up to $315; Now up to $220 4. iMac Pro: Was up to $2,135; Now up to $1,500 5. iMac: Was up to $1,200; Now up to $850 6. Mac Pro: Was up to $2,720; Now up to $2,000 7. Mac mini: Was up to $600; Now up to $450 8. iPad Pro: Was up to $680; Now up to $655 9. iPad Air: Was up to $335; Now up to $290 10. iPad: Was up to $200; Now up to $190 11. iPad mini: Was up to $205; Now up to $150 12. Apple Watch Series 6: Was up to $170; Now up to $150 13. Apple Watch SE: Was up to $135; Now up to $120 14. Apple Watch Series 5: Was up to $135; Now up to $120 15. Apple Watch Series 4: Was up to $105; Now up to $85 16. Apple Watch Series 3: Was up to $70; Now up to $50 17. Apple Watch Series 2: Was up to $20; No longer accepting trade-ins Those who want to trade in their iPhone can rejoice. Thus far, Apple is still paying top dollar for older iPhones and has not changed its trade-in prices. Apple Trade-in Alternatives Apple isn’t the only game in town for trade-ins. Retailers like Best Buy accept trade-ins and give you a gift card you can use for future purchases. You can also get cash from places like It’s Worth More or Gazelle, which will pay you via check, PayPal, or Amazon gift card. To get the most money for your device, you can sell directly to someone else on eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace. Though you can get a more significant return, the potential for fraud is much higher, especially for iPhones.

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