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Thirteen Day Bag by Able Carry This minimal day bag is compact and very good looking. Its slim fit makes it ideal if you must weave yourself through the crowds on your way to work or school. It’s also a great day bag to take on travels. Grab your keys, phone, camera, and embark on your adventure—at the end of the day your shoulders won’t be tired from lugging around a large tote. Explore the Louvre, climb to the top of Machu Picchu, or go star gazing in the deserts of Egypt—wherever you go next, this is a bag you can’t go without. While it might look small from the outside, on the inside, the Thirteen Day Bag is mighty. It has a front pocket where you can store all the tourist pamphlets you’ll be collecting throughout the day. There are also two pockets (one interior and one exterior pocket) to store a water bottle. Inside, there is plenty of space for everything. There are two main slots where you can slide an iPad and a laptop, and behind there is a discrete pocket to store important documents—maybe a passport or a student ID. On the inside front flap there is another zippered pocket to store smaller items—this is a great place to keep your keys. There is also a very cool back pocket where you can slide your phone, so you can quickly access it without having to take the bag off. One very neat feature is that on the adjustable straps there is a secret pocket where you can slide a card, maybe the metro card or you go-to credit card—that way you can quickly move and make payments. Able Carry has thought of everything. This backpack is very comfortable, it will be your trusty companion wherever you end up. It’s got backpaddling, and the straps are curved to add extra support—after a while, it will just feel like an extension of you, it’s that extra hand you always wanted. For more information, visit:

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