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A New Survery Shows People Prefer Virtual Carriers in 2022 By Sergio Velasquez When you think of phone carriers in the US, you probably think of the biggest three companies there are: Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. These companies have long dominated the carriers market, and it doesn’t seem to stop any time soon. With that said, users from the three companies aren’t that happy with the service from any of these three companies. According to a survey from the American Customer Satisfaction Index, people are more satisfied with virtual carriers than with regular Mobile Network Operators. T-Mobile Is The Best Mobile Network Operator In the America Customer Satisfaction Index survey, T-Mobile came out on top this year when it comes to Mobile Network Operators, also known as MNO. According to the survey, it became the favorite MNO of 2022 with a score of 74, followed by AT&T with 73, and Verizon with 73 too. Both AT&T and Verizon dropped one percent compared to the result of the 2021 survey. People Prefer Mobile Virtual Operators Now Despite the great results for the regular carrier companies, it was Mobile Virtual Operators, or MVNOs, the ones that took the prize this year. According to the survey, many MVNOs, like Optimum Mobile, Cricket Wireless, and Xfinity Mobile, had a score of 77, 76, and 76, respectively, which is way better than regular carrier companies. So when it comes to wireless phone service, people prefer virtual carriers over the traditional big companies. However, to be fair, some of the virtual carriers, like Optimum Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile, use T-Mobile’s networks to provide their service. That means that the big carriers aren’t going away anytime soon. Not only that, but that might be the reason why T-Mobile came out on top in this year’s survey. When it comes to the value of Mobile Virtual Operators, however, there’s only one true winner. Consumer Cellular had a score of 78 in 2022, which was an increase of one percent compared to the 2021 survey. There’s no doubt that virtual carriers give you great value for your money, but now they’re becoming more popular for people than regular carriers. If this trend continues, we might see companies like Straight Talk, Optimum Mobile, and Consumer Cellular take the lead in the market.

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