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Rebelle 5 Painting Software The Beauty of Color Pigments By Lubomir Zabadal, Department of Creative Arts and Art Education, UKF University in Nitra, Slovakia The brushstroke is the fundamental expression element in painting. We use it while painting with oils, acrylics, watercolors, and all other traditional media. The great painting adventure starts with the transition from lighter to a darker color. Paint mark can have different opacity, contain one or multiple colors, or be a beautiful mixture of colors. Not until recently, the digital world was offering only a limited amount of color options known from traditional painting. Applications focusing on digital painting have been trying to imitate real-world color mixing for years now. There have been many attempts to mix perfect green from blue and yellow digitally. This practice has significantly changed in the new version of Rebelle. The update comes with real-world color pigment mixing. While mixing, the colors not only change their brightness but simultaneously change their hue, which is a behavior known from traditional painting. The result depends on using specific pigments. This experience of vibrant colors that behave just like real pigments is now implemented in Rebelle 5. Deep Phthalo Blue will have a lighter tint when mixing with white or diluting with digital water. Green color changes its hue depending on if you mix Cadmium Yellow with Cobalt, Ultramarine, or Prussian Blue. Neutral red will change into cold pink, etc. The most significant difference between palettes with real pigments and regular RGB colors is in bright hues. Real pigments shine a lot more. Similarly, this applies to watercolors, which thus gain greater depth and realism of subtle tones.

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