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Piracy Protecting Today’s Content, Tomorrow’s Future By Andy Marken My wife loves it when we say we’re wrong. We’re asked to repeat the words again … and again … and again … So, we didn’t bother telling her that a year ago, we were strong supporters of the big studio bosses (Warner and Disney studios) moving their stuff – including tentpoles – to day/date or PVOD – paid release. It seemed so logical, so obvious. After all: - Zero, or nearly zero, theaters were open around the globe. - If any were open, films played to near empty houses. - Studios had sunk hundreds of millions into those projects and needed to monetize them. - Tech/content moguls were taking tens of thousands of entertainment-starved folks from the old TV bundle guys with new, refreshing stuff. - Studios make the video stories people want to watch, but they were just gathering dust. - Real entertainment folks could make millions, we tell you, millions. We didn’t take into account that the bosses making those decisions got their experience running phone or amusement park companies. Totally Different! Sometimes, “logic” doesn’t make sense.

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