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That was it. Folks ate their rubber chicken, politely clapped, went home in their limos and (we suppose) deviously planned how they were going to scoop up one of the cute statues by sucking up to the AMPAS founders who held all the power to name the winners. Of course, someone figured out that AMPAS could make money on the event, so they broadcast it on radio the next year and then 25 years later, they went for more money and with Bob Hope as host, they televised the gala. Suddenly, the Academy Awards became hot … profitable … political … increasingly boring. In fact, award events around the globe – BAFTA, Cannes, SXSW, TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival), Sundance, Berlin (Berlinale) and hundreds more – have become a serious business segment where organizations and individuals spend serious marketing dollars in hopes of influencing the award results. Why the contest rush? Winning one – or more – of the prized statues or medals can mean millions more for the A-Listers on the backends of their project showings and even more front-end dollars on tomorrow’s projects. Nothing wrong with that … it’s called free enterprise and if you can leverage your past and present work to make more money in the future, great. In today’s divided/equal world, the film industry has become the staging ground for diversity and inclusion and has become tougher. Perhaps even a little vicious. and Everyone – us included – want to see accepted diversity and equity for folks; and even though it is difficult to achieve, it’s a goal we need to work toward. LGBTQIA2S+, AAPI, BILM and other organizations have taken a stand for equal representation in films/series regardless of gender, race, religion, culture, sex sexual orientation. And after all these years, they deserve to be seen and heard

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