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Churn - Viewers Add/Cancel … So it Was, So it Will Be By Andy Marken Back when appointment TV ruled the world, it was fun to follow the gala unveilings of the networks and studios during the upfronts when the folks would introduce their new shows. They were shows that just everyone was going to watch so advertisers would commit ad dollars to persuade people their products were the ones to buy now! You could tell which shows had good Nielsen numbers because the project would be extended for another year; and if it was really good, it had a couple of spin-offs/knockoffs. Then, a couple of years ago, “everyone” got excited about streaming, the new at-home entertainment opportunity and suddenly, folks had what they wanted, when they wanted, on the screen they wanted. Thanks to Netflix, the folks who started it all, we paid for our entertainment in a new way with cash rather than time. Yes, we know YouTube was there first and it loaded you up with ads you couldn’t avoid unless you opted for Premium. But seriously? Our kids think Pay TV died, but the truth is it’s still very much in the global entertainment mix. But the household shift to streaming was fast (two years) and it caught lots of folks off guard.

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