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Virtually Real Immersion Delivers a Needed Break from Reality By Andy Marken For a number of years during college we shared a house with foreign physics and chemistry grad students. To avoid studying, we’d get in these deep philosophical discussions on what reality and being really was. You know, like “I’m real and you are a figment of my imagination or you’re real and I’m a figment of your imagination.” Or, we’d have existential discussions as to reality that we – and this planet –were really just a molecule of a still larger universe; and, in fact, a molecule in a chair in this still larger universe. When we saw the first Matrix, we said, “Jeezz maybe our reality isn’t.” After a year of hiding behind a mask, barricaded at home except for a few missions out, endless Zoom meetings and a constant barrage of real/shaky/fake “news,” we’re less certain. We got swept back into the 4th/5th coming of VR for a couple of reasons. First, it seemed that for the last six months, we’ve been seeing a resurgence of articles and news about VR finally (again) beginning to enter the mainstream world. Second, the rush of annual film festivals always has some great VR projects we’d like to experience. Of course, if you ask two of our expert acquaintances - Jon Peddie, Jon Peddie Research, and Mark Poppin, founder of BabelTechReviews – they’ll tell you to disregard the Zuckerberg/Facebook BS. Instead, focus on the three Cs – Content, Comfort, Cost. No, the world won’t be running to escape to the better world as in Real Player One. Instead, there are great experiences being delivered for work, game play and visual storytelling.

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