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Where in the process do you use KeyShot? I use KeyShot towards the end of my process. I do the bulk of my work away from the computer, sketching and planning, and then bring concepts I’ve modelled into KeyShot to further develop them. I’ll then go back and forth between KeyShot and my modelling software to make the necessary tweaks until I’ve settled on my final concept. What makes KeyShot an important tool to have? As a lot of my work is for marketing purposes, my renderings must convey a clear emotion, story, or message. KeyShot is an important tool for me as it is intuitive and simple to get your basic materials and composition in place. This allows me to quickly disqualify my weaker ideas and saves time when experimenting with lighting and material set ups. This, along with real-time rendering, enables me to go from import to final render without wasting much time. What advice would you give to someone interested in doing what you do? Practice as much as you can. There are loads of great learning content out there for KeyShot, with more and more creators sharing their knowledge every day. I’ve found a lot of motivation by entering render challenges. They’re a great way to hone your skills and the weekly, ready-made briefs allow you to try new things, moving from idea to idea without getting bogged down on one concept. For more info visit

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