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Yet Another Updates Update By Updates again? You bet! Apple released the latest round of OS updates earlier this week, and they included a patch for a serious Mac security issue. It seems there was a 0-day bug in macOS‘s Transparency, Consent, and Control (TCC) framework. TCC requires apps to get a user’s permission before performing sensitive actions (for example, taking a screenshot). At least, that’s how TCC is supposed to work. But the bug allows malware to circumvent TCC by “borrowing” the permissions of other apps installed on the system. A malicious app could thus take screenshots or log keystrokes without having to ask the user for permission. Unfortunately, this one is more than just theoretical (again). Researchers have already seen evidence that the XCSSET family of malware is exploiting this vulnerability in the wild. The bug is patched in macOS 11.4, so if you haven’t updated already, you should do so right away. The same update fixes nearly 60 other security issues as well. In addition, Apple has issued security updates for all of its other OSes. The updates are as follows: iOS 14.6, iPadOS 14.6, watchOS 7.5, and tvOS 14.6. Each of the updates contains dozens of security fixes so … yeah … time to update it all! About SecureMac  Founded in 1999, SecureMac ( has been a leading contributor to Apple security since the 2005 release of the original MacScan anti-malware tool. In the years since, SecureMac has continued to play an essential role in providing macOS users with straightforward options for better security. From the development of the faster and more powerful MacScan 3 to the company’s ongoing development of online privacy tool PrivacyScan, users can easily equip themselves for protection. With the addition of The Checklist, SecureMac continues to showcase a deep commitment to accessible security and the importance of digital awareness for all Mac users. For more info visit

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