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instance, the way color bleeds on paper using just a small amount of water is incredible. Users can explore the possibilities of working with wet surfaces just like with real watercolors. Another nuance is the new way of scratching soft brush hair on the canvas. What is definitely worth the mention is the possibility of washing out dry paint while using different amounts of water. It does not behave like an eraser as you might think. It washes away the paint just like in reality. In Rebelle, all wet and dry techniques change their appearance depending on what paper or canvas is used. Choose between European, Japanese, or Himalayan papers and get unexpected results. All these hi-quality papers are available on Escape Motions website. New features like brush sharing or project color management come as very handy tools for your creative flow. The user interface is very intuitive and does not take away your focus from what is the most important - painting and enjoying such royal techniques as oils and watercolors. The latest Rebelle version is available for Windows and macOS for $89.99 on the Escape Motions website. It comes with an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee and a 50% discount for existing Rebelle 3 users. Rebelle art by Craig Mullins

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