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the canvas or adding water. Now, create a thick impasto or nice glaze using different blending modes. Or adjust the impasto and gloss of the whole painting with a couple of clicks. Rebelle’s revised watercolors are very intuitive as well. Exceptionally realistic behavior we know from previous versions is enriched by new user-friendly functions which take this technique to a new level. You might have heard about dry on wet or wet on wet behavior or phenomenal drips and blows from previous versions. Besides improving all that, new watercolors imitate gouache possibilities, semi-opaque watercolors, and the transparent behavior of real paints. With different modes, color mixing is changing as well. Get a natural-looking green by putting together blue and yellow using new RYB color mixing. Many companies are focusing on creating realistic digital painting tools. Some put importance on the performance, others on the variety of tools, and mostly they are successful. Unfortunately, the real process nuances that make reality so diverse and interesting stay often overlooked in the digital world. Fortunately, Rebelle is gradually mapping and transforming these realistic nuances and offers a very realistic painting experience to its users. For

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