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Did You Know Your iPad’s Keyboard Can Do These 6 Things? By Sergio Velasquez Apple has gone out of its way to make the iPad a powerful competitor against PCs and laptops. Even if you don’t have the iPad Pro, every iPad is an excellent tool for students and professionals alike. Not only do you get a powerful device capable of editing video and photos just as well as some other computers on the market, but you can also carry it around anywhere at any time. With the Magic Keyboard’s addition, Apple turned the iPad into an actual laptop replacement. Of course, not everyone wants or needs a Magic Keyboard. Sure, having a physical keyboard is wonderful, but the iPad’s digital keyboard is just as great. All you need to do is learn a few tricks to make it really work for you. If you want to take your iPad to the next level, continue reading to learn six keyboard tricks you need to try. 6. Split in Half Granted, you might have come across this feature by accident while using your iPad, but it’s still worth mentioning. You can actually split your iPad keyboard in half to type easier. You can make sure this feature is enabled by following these steps: 1. Open the Settings app on your iPad. 2. Tap on General. 3. Select Keyboard. 4. Make sure Split Keyboard is enabled. Here’s how to split or undock your keyboard. 1. Open any app you want to type in. 2. Once your keyboard appears, press and hold the keyboard key located at the bottom right of your keyboard. 3. Tap on the word Split. If you want to go back to normal, just tap the same keyboard button one more time and tap on Merge. Keep in mind though the Split Keyboard feature isn’t readily available in the 12.9” iPad Pro models. Why I hear you ask? Beats me. But there may be an easy workaround. 5. Use Hidden Keys When Using a Split Keyboard Now that you tried using the Split Keyboard on your iPad, you’re probably having some issues typing certain letters. You might want to type the letter T with your right hand, but the key is on your left side. Pretty annoying, right? Well, Apple actually thought of this and added some extra hidden keys on the Split Keyboard to make it easier to type. When you’re using the Split Keyboard, try pressing next to the letter Y with your right hand, and you should see that

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