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FAQ: Which Apple Watch Should I Buy? Is the Apple Watch Series 3 Worth It? By Sergio Velasquez Ever since the first-generation Apple Watch came out a little over five years ago, Apple has treated the device like the iPhone, giving us yearly upgrades that introduce cool new health features. Even though having the latest and greatest Apple Watch is ideal, it may be hard to keep up. For some, it’s best to go for an older model that’s more affordable but still offers enough features to make it worth the money. But that begs the question, how old can an Apple Watch be and still be worth buying? Is the Apple Watch Series 3 still worth getting, or should you just wait to get a cheaper model after Apple reveals a new Apple Watch this year? Let’s start with which Apple Watch models you should steer clear of. Avoid the Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 The original Apple Watch, also known as the Series 0, is a definite hard pass. Even though you can get that Apple Watch at a really low price, it’s completely outdated. It’s best to avoid the Apple Watch Series Series 1 and 2 as well. These Apple Watches came out a little over four years ago, and they don’t support watchOS 7. If you’ve seen them on the market for a really low price, it’s because they’re also outdated. Try to avoid them. Also Avoid the Apple Watch Series 3 The Apple Watch Series 3 has become Apple’s budget-friendly Apple Watch. Ever since the Apple Watch Series 5 came out, Apple decided to keep the Series 3 as a cheaper option. They did the same when the Series 6 came out just last year. Based on that, it seems like Apple will keep supporting the Series 3, at least for another year. Still, the Apple Watch Series 3 is an almost-four-year-old device. Some watchOS 7 features are limited on this device, and it’s highly likely that Apple will drop support for this model in the next software update. Apple doesn’t make any other budget-friendly option that’s cheaper than an Apple Watch SE. But even though it’s cheaper than other options, you shouldn’t get the Apple Watch Series 3 right now. And even if Apple does decide to support it one more year, getting one right now will only mean you’ll have to upgrade it sooner rather than later.

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