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Turn Your iPhone into a Vintage DOS Gaming PC with This Cool Trick By Jesse Hollington Despite Apple’s ironclad control of the App Store, it seems that the iPhone maker has no real qualms about letting users run vintage apps from a bygone era, as demonstrated in a really cool new experiment by YouTuber Niles Mitchell. While Apple normally takes a pretty hard-line stance against “emulator” apps — that is, those apps that can download and run their own code, there’s been a notable exception that’s kept popping up over the years: iDOS. iDOS is an emulator from the days of old MS-DOS-based PCs. It’s had a rough ride over the years, first briefly popping up back in 2010 before being unceremoniously removed by Apple, and then appearing and disappearing over the next few months. However, it actually made a return about six years ago as iDOS 2, and for whatever reason it’s been allowed on the App Store ever since. Until late last year, however, iDOS 2 had largely been neutered by the inability to actually access anything outside its own sandbox, and the developer appeared to have mostly given up on it. Last September, however, he was encouraged to try submitting an update with document storage enabled, and Apple surprisingly approved it, opening up iDOS to a much larger world. In fact, the approval was such a surprise that iDOS 2’s developer, Chaoji Li, feared

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