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n addition to all the above features and shortcuts, what was most critical to the evolution of Aleks’ color palette was the ability to selectively edit colors. Here he shares with us a step-by-step guide on how he personally goes about using Loupedeck+ to this end: 1. Make note of what colors are most prominent. 2. For dark tonal edits, mute colors that stand out. 3. Make sure to preserve richness of other colors that might be affected. 4. By clicking P4, adjust the saturation alone. 5. Use P3 to make slight adjustments to skin tones. 6. For natural earthy hues, edit the Hue/Saturation with wheels P3, P4 & P5. Now that you know how to take your style to the next level with the simple spin of a wheel, you’re probably ready to ramp up your marketing presence and Instagram audience. Aleks was fortunate enough to have created his Instagram account during simpler times, where posting images from road trips near Victoria slowly gained him the attention he needed to advance in his career. Although the app has grown and changed over the last few years, Alek’s feels that the way to stand out is to carve out a style for yourself and continually push that unique vision. Followers want to see you and your work, and not the work of someone who may have inspired or influenced your aesthetic. One way to get to the core of your own style is to find a particular theme that drives you. For Aleks it was road trips. What is that subject for you? What is it that makes you want to go out and shoot and edit tirelessly? It’s essential to find a passion project in order to stand out. And to capture and retain an audience, you must stay consistent. If the shots make your heart sing, they will resonate with your audience too. This is fundamentally the most important element in growing your followers, web presence and ultimately your client base. Please follow Aleksandar Jason’s Instagram: @aleksandarjason For more information visit: For more information about Loupedeck, visit

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