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The 5 Best MagSafe-Compatible Battery Packs for iPhone 12 in 2021 By Tyler Lacoma With the iPhone 12, Apple introduced its new MagSafe technology – which is basically a smart array of magnets on the back of the iPhone that can be used to quickly snap on a charger without worrying about plugging into a port (and could lead the way to eliminate ports entirely in the future). But MagSafe has a ton of potential beyond charging, as the magnetic back can be attached to nearly anything. One accessory Apple promised is a battery pack that would snap onto the back of an iPhone 12 and provide a charge when there are no outlets nearby. It’s a much better option than fumbling around with a loose battery pack that also needs a cable connection – the problem is that Apple hasn’t released it yet. Tired of waiting? Several other companies have started selling their own battery packs designed to work with MagSafe, and they’re looking like excellent buys if you’re getting impatient. Let’s take a look! Note: iPhone cases can influence your MagSafe connection, and thicker cases may prevent a MagSafe battery pack from attaching or working. There are a couple of ways around this: Apple and others sell thinner, magnetic iPhone cases that are made to support MagSafe (or you could just slip your case off whenever it’s necessary to use a battery pack). 1. Anker PowerCore 5K Wireless Charger | $40 Anker’s slim PowerCore battery pack is small enough for the back of your iPhone 12 but holds an amazing 5,000 mAh cell capacity, the highest currently available. We also really like the small LED dots that indicate how much life the pack has left and when it’s finished filling back up. Recharging is handled via a USB-C connection (which you can use while the battery pack is attached for pass-through charging, a trick that works on all of these packs), so make sure you know if you need to order a USB-C charging brick or not before you buy. The only major downside to this pack is that it’s currently available only in black, which may clash with some iPhone colors, but that’s a minor quibble compared to this pick’s overall quality. (Get it here: 2. Belkin Boost Charge 2.5K Power Bank | $50 Belkin and Apple have a history of partnering for very high-quality accessories and compatible smart devices, so it’s great to see Belkin releasing a MagSafe battery pack as well (note that the pack isn’t quite available yet, but the price is set and you can sign up to be notified when it’s in stock). This pack holds a 2,500mAh charge with USB-C and also has those handy LED lights to indicate how much charge is left while you’re using it. Two quick notes about this model: First, it’s slightly contoured to better latch onto the back of the iPhone 12 in a comfortable way. Second, it’s available in both a white and a black option to better match your iPhone. (Get it here: 3. OISLE Magnetic Wireless Power Bank | $59 This compact, 4,225mAh OISLE case is very colorful –

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