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show proved that changes will take place in the exhibit industry in the years ahead. Not just in-person or virtual, but more than likely a hybrid event that will be the launching pad for new technology, new products, new companies. And what was the very best take-away from the show? There’s always something that just suddenly appears at CES that makes you want it … now! This year it was ColdSnap, a Keurig-like machine that produced a personal serving of soft serve ice cream or the cold drink of your choice before your eyes. Just pop a recyclable ice cream pod in and BAM! in 90 seconds a delicious (they say) cup or cone with the fruit or candy topping of your choice. When ColdSnap begins shipping in the second quarter, they plan on having pods for smoothies, frozen coffee, protein shakes, non-dairy ice cream, frozen cocktails and more ready to eat/enjoy. The great thing is you’ll be able to enjoy your comfort food or beverage in your living room with your giant screen and surround/immersive sound and go back to this year’s CES as many times as you want to figure out what products, tools, systems, stuff you want to add to your consumer technology arsenal without spilling a drop or feeling guilty because… We’ll never know, never tell!

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