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View to Go Short Mobile Viewing is NIce but People Like Long Stories By Andy Marken I don’t know about you, but we’re getting awfully tired of looking up people’s noses during Zoom meetings. It probably doesn’t bother you; but one of our college degrees was in radio & TV, so we were drilled on how to act, look and respond to a camera. But today, everything is a closeup and we have to tell you…you need to trim your nose hair! Seriously! The lockup has done more than change the way we do meetings. It has also changed our entertainment habits. Add to that the universal availability of VOD and kids living on small screens, even adults missed the seismic shift. Two years ago, Jeff Katzenberg announced NewTV (renamed to be launched as Quibi). At the time, we couldn’t figure out if he was really smart or had gone off the deep end. Then we also saw the former head of Walt Disney Studios talked Meg Whitman into coming on board as CEO and followed up by convincing Hollywood and tech bigwigs that a streaming service featuring 7- to 10-minute professionally-produced originals was worth a $1B plus investment. We were sure they could see something we couldn’t. Nope! But, they must have read the Microsoft study that highlights people’s attention span had

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