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Against the Odds Content Industry Players Need to Anticipate, Embrace Change or … By Andy Marken We just canceled our fourth holiday trip this year … no warm water diving this year. But we’re an optimist, so next year … yeah! Actually, we should have realized the entire M&E industry was going to change back in February when VIP Cinemas, the world’s largest producer of reclining movie seats, filed for bankruptcy but we blew the move off as just a knee- jerk reaction to a “temporary inconvenience.” Fortunately, most of the industry took the time to examine every aspect of entertainment that actually hasn’t changed much since the end of the studio caste system back in 1948 (and probably before that but…). Entitlement is gone and every organization, every individual is looking at options as to what entertainment is going to be in 2021, 2022 and beyond. Broadway and live performances are brutally honest that nothing is going to open until mid-2021 at the earliest and that it will take at least a year or two before plays, concerts, ballets and events with live audiences will be economically viable. Until then, “bubble” performances like the recent NBA games and pay-for-view/PVOD will actually broaden the audience that previously couldn’t actually be at the venue. With cinemas going from shut down to open to shut down to maybe, sorta’ and kinda; studios sat on hundreds of millions of dollars of major and minor film investments continually adjusting their theatrical premier schedules even after making major marketing investments for spring, Summer, fall openings. Even though box office sales seemed to be as dark and scary as the theater itself, some content owners honored the exclusivity window while others in the industry moved into SVOD channels to grow their subscription base.

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