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New Streaming Services Light Up The Globe

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To control and manage the embarrassment of content options, the strongest participants – content and finances – will strengthen their D2C relationships by making the most of the invaluable subscriber data. There will be three to four dominant SVOD and streaming TV suppliers that will lead in the coming year with new original/ new content. The majority of the services will further develop relationships with device manufacturers like Samsung, TiVo, Roku, Amazon, TCL and LG that will also offer ad-supported and subscription content from a single central access point. "AVOD ser vices like Tubi, PlutoTV, Vudu, Xumo, Peacock, Sinclair and others will be 'rediscovered', McLennan predicted. "People will realize the ad blocks are no longer 8-10 -minute segments but much shorter (2-3 minutes). They will also be less irritating, less interruptive; and in many ways, more enjoyable thanks to improved targeting and personalization." "People are less inclined to subscribe to multiple services for just a few shows," he emphasized, "so streaming services will need to expand globally--both in content and reach, as quickly as possible to justify viewer loyalty. If not, they risk their content being pirated." Disney +'s The Mandalorian was pirated in less than three hours after its release as Disney + was only initially available in five countries – The Netherlands, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the US. As a result, digital piracy was the only option for people awaiting its release in other countries. "Piracy has plagued the video entertainment industry for years," said McLennan. "It even includes the time - tested piracy of people bringing video cameras into theaters, theaters that now enable uploading live capture immediately to cloud-based distribution." On an optimistic note, piracy will always be a part of our industry, but as streaming platforms become more available around the globe and content is more accessible and more affordable, piracy will begin to be reduced and will be more manageable. We certainly hope so because it's important for D2C services to remember that people – young and old – are the customers … not the enemies. We understand that being benevolent is a strain for the streaming services until they can deliver content globally because until then, they know what Johanna Mason meant when she said, "Yeah, well, yes! I am angry. You know, I'm getting totally screwed over here."

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