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Great Sound. Made Simple. The Ultimate Trio From Zvox By Thomas Bender ZVOX is an audio company with a straightforward philosophy: Great sound. Made simple. Their claim to fame may be creating one of the very first sound bars that are now ubiquitous in big box stores across the world. And as more and more technology is introduced into the living room, ZVOX aims to make home theatre audio simple and approachable. Fifteen years in, and they continue to use their audio prowess to create products that make appreciating everyday audio easier and more enjoyable. At the forefront of ZVOX's unique product offerings is their AccuVoice technology. This tech is similar to what is found in hearing aids, and is able to identify and boost dialog, making it easier to understand even at low volumes. The success of AccuVoice technology in their soundbars has led the company to explore other areas where the technology benefits the user. Whether you're buying for a baby boomer who is suffering the signs of mild hearing loss, or simply want to enhance the clarity of your everyday listening experience, ZVOX has a product for you.

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