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The Perfect Throne for the Office or for Home Premium Gaming Chair by AKRacing By Thomas Bender You probably don’t realize it, but that desk chair that you spend hours a day in could really use an upgrade. What better way to take care of your body than offering it premium comfort and support for all your seated hours, be they answering emails, creating your next deliverable, or just getting a few games in. AKRacing offers a large line of premium gaming chairs that are a gift to your body regardless of what you’re doing on your computer. There’s a reason that AKRacing manages to nail the full body support and ergonomic comfort that is essential in a good desk chair—they began manufacturing actual race car seats. In a high-intensity sport moving at insane speeds, AKRacing is responsible for keeping the driver comfortable and performing at their peak. They have taken this knowledge and experience and begun designing and manufacturing their own gaming chairs to much renown. Anyone who sits in one may won’t be surprised, as the quality materials and full body experience are akin to a luxury vehicle. AKRacing has several different product lines available in all types of colors, and the Premium is a great choice for anyone who needs a chair that will last all day in all conditions and look good doing it. The Premium’s quality construction, high-end materials, and litany of features are sure to make this your new favorite chair. And while it’s race-inspired, it’s not just for games, the Premium, in particular, is well suited for business and pleasure. When the Premium arrived in the mail, it was respectably intimidating. A large, heavy box raised eyebrows, but in truth, assembling the chair was comically easy. Only three loose screws and less than an hour is all it takes to go from the doorstep

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