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Apple’s big unveil last month was different. Great, but … different. In Steve’s day, he’d amble onto the stage, people would scream/swoon, he’d throw a camera that didn’t work at a hapless guy in the front row (who now works at WalMart), sit down on a chair, take off his socks and say, “and today, we bring you iSocks.” People would scream (again), run from the theater to the Apple store, and snatch up all the iSocks they could. Tim Cook is lower-key, kinder, more empathetic with his customers; and his team did their darndest to create a real unveil of a poorly kept secret. It was fun but felt more like a mash-up of the TV industry’s upfronts where nets show off their best stuff to impress the media, the other guys and Oscars/Emmys red carpet rather than a “gasp” Apple event. To solidify their focus, Apple made all of their hardware announcements a week before the main event – iPads, iMacs, AirPods and tweaks on the Apple TV. iPads were updated. iMacs got slightly faster chips. AirPods got more battery life and wireless charging support. Apple TV, which has done modestly well (about 20M), got some added app opportunities. AirPower was put to rest.

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