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84 MacDirectory FEATURE In film lingo, a "rush" is the first print from the film shot that day—no editing, no color correcting, just the sound and the picture just as you recorded it. In other words, it's kind of like the video you load to social media right after it's shot and before you could sit down to a real computer to make it into something good. In June, Adobe announced Project Rush, a new "anyone/anywhere" video editing tool, soon to enter public beta. that lets you go straight from shooting to social media with polish and panache. Though a tool that video pros will love, it opens the door to great production values to anyone with the vision and the desire to be seen. It's a very new approach to video editing that combines many of the smart processing engines developed for Premiere, After Effects and Audition with convenience, storage and power of the cloud to do amazing things just about anywhere. One Look, Many Platforms The main idea behind Rush is to provide a simple and consistent editing platform that offers the same experience from smart phone to desktop, but going far beyond the basic slice- and-dice tools that have traditionally been available for mobile, including Adobe's own Premiere Clip. The interface has the look and feel of a timeline-based editor, simplified for touch and the gentlest possible learning curve for non-editors. There'll be a guided, interactive tour Adobe Project Rush: Shooting to Social in Seconds (Almost) BY RIC GETTER

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