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GUIDES MacDirectory 137 BEDDI is here to give Dad the best sleep of his life. This alarm clock comes loaded with features Dad didn't even know he wanted, let alone, thought an alarm clock could do. When you first see BEDDI it looks like an average dock for your iPhone, but when you place your iPhone on the dock, is when all the fun begins. BEDDI is very intuitive and easy to use. On the front it has a big and clear display of the time—one quick glance is enough to double check what time it is. On the top there are seven buttons. Three you can customize with UBER, Nest, and Spotify for example, and the other three are your essential volume and play buttons. There is also a big snooze on at the center of these, which also works as a dimmer. There is a lot to customize, you can really make the BEDDI suite your unique sleep habits. Make sure you download the BEDDI app to take advantage of all these features. On the back there is a panel that works as a night light, with the app you can adjust it to the desired mood light—there are over 16 million colors available! Since your iPhone is BEDDI Intelligent Alarm Clock by WITTI connected (and charging over night) when you wake up you can customize your dashboard on the app to show you weather and traffic. With Spotify integration you can wake up to your favorite song. Set up to four alarms— because who doesn't like to sleep a little longer on the weekends? Plus, you can also use the sunrise simulated wake up light for a natural awakening. To drown street noise, you can use the white noise generator. Using your phone pick your favorite white noise— Rain, wind, ocean or forest. 10 You can also charge two additional devices via a USB cable, and there is also a AUX port to connect that way. BEDDI is here to not only help Dad get up in the morning, but also help him get to work on time, get a good night sleep, and even control automatically turn on the Nest thermostat when his alarm goes off. This Father's Day, give that BEDDI and show him what this alarm clock can do! For more information, visit:

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