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Winter-Spring 2008 (#36)

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40 MacDirectory DEPARTMENT Culture Catch Culture Catch is an audio and video podcast that explores the hip and mildly obscure happenings of pop culture. Hosted by Dusty Wright, former editor-in-chief of Creem magazine, Culture Catch delivers intelligent interviews with iconic musicians, blossoming film makers, seasoned writers, and even the occasional adult film star. The production quality places Culture Catch in the upper echelon of podcasts while Dusty's journalistic skills engage your ear drums and keep you coming back for more. The range of topics covered on Culture Catch ensures there is an episode for everyone to enjoy and having a choice between video and audio episodes allows anyone to access this podcast. Guests have included Grateful Dead member Bob Weir, director David Lynch, entertainment and fashion mogul Russell Simmons, and many more. Culture Catch is a highly enjoyable and well crafted podcast that is helping shape the culture it so passionately dissects. Frogcast the Podcast From across the pond Steve Malone and Dave Smith host their weekly show, Frogcast the Podcast, out of Running Frog Studios in Windsor, UK. Often placed in the "comedy" section on most podcast pages and iTunes, these two chat about bizarre news stories and swap personal tales while providing an interesting perspective on the music scene in the UK. New songs from all styles of bands are laced throughout the episodes making it seem as if you are listening to an original and unregulated FM station. These two are not your stereotypical dry sense of humored Englishmen; they are lively broadcasters who share a friendly rapport and deep appreciation of music. Steve and Dave do a fine job of promoting an array of talented unsigned bands while also paying their respects to rock legends such as Joe Strummer. If you are looking to discover some new bands and have a laugh while doing so, Frogcast the Podcast will be the perfect find. Filmspotting Chicago-based film critics Adam Kempenaar and Matty Robinson bring their monthly public radio show to the Internet via podcasting. A great show for any film buff, Adam and Matty keep their listeners up to date with critiques of all the new Hollywood releases, actor and actress interviews, top-five lists, and conversations with some of the most prolific screenwriters, producers, and directors. With top-five lists including "Top 5 Movies about Brothers", "Top 5 Misfits", or "Top 5 Senior Citizen Performances" you can't help but conjure up your own picks for each one of their topics. Maccast "For Mac geeks by Mac geeks" is this slogan for this podcast and they are not lying. With the release of Leopard and constant iPhone/iPod updates these broadcasters have no problem filling their air time. This is a great resource for new Mac users to pick up some basic tips and software suggestions, but the in-depth reviews and tutorials are sure to impress even the most aged Mac aficionado. They have spent the month of November pulling apart Leopard and giving a comprehensive examination of the new operating system. Their archives are a great resource if you are looking for a specific topic in a hurry and the frequency of the shows helps you stay on top of all the Mac news out there. Inside Business How are your blue chips? Worried about the housing market? Wondering what the next big investing trend will be? If you need a rundown of the top business and financial headlines of the day, download Inside Business to your iPod. Short, but daily, three- to four-minute episodes cover a range of topics from companies going green to the booming iPhone market. Come to think of it, Apple is a regular topic on this podcast as they lead the way in developing the most sophisticated and cutting-edge technology in an ever expanding market. As a concise and informative podcast, Inside Business is a useful tool for the professional on the go. HOTTEST PODCASTS IN THIS ISSUE OF MACDIRECTORY, WE'RE PLEASED TO INTRODUCE A NEW REGULAR FEATURE: THE FIVE HOTTEST PODCASTS. THE REMARKABLE POPULARITY OF THE IPOD HAS MADE POSSIBLE A NEW GROWTH INDUSTRY IN INFORMATION: THE PODCAST. WE'VE EVEN INCLUDED ONE TO TIE INTO OUR ENVIRONMENTAL THEME THIS ISSUE. HERE ARE A FEW SUGGESTIONS TO LIVEN UP YOUR IPOD OR MP3 PLAYER:

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