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MacDirectory 155 PROFILE G-TECHNOLOGY > OFFERING HIGH-END STORAGE SOLUTIONS G-Technology Inc., founded in 2003, offers the most comprehensive line of external disk storage solutions for professional content creation applications. The company's systems support all levels of audio/video production. Today the company, under the leadership of President Roger S. Mabon, manufactures a comprehensive line of high-end storage solutions. With highest-quality storage and semiconductor components used in its products, G-Technology supports demanding user environments. Pete Schlatter is director of marketing for G-Technology , based in Santa Monica, Calif., with manufacturing operations there and in the Far East. In a recent interview with MacDirectory, he noted that "G-Tech was spun off from Medea, which was a high-end storage solution company for seven or eight years — back when storage was really expensive. Roger was one of the principals that started Medea." MacDirectory > Is G-Tech specifically a commercial storage solution company or does the company provide products for the basic computer graphics user? Pete Schlatter > Basically we make external storage solutions for PC and Mac computers, pretty much any computer that has a Firewire, USB, eSATA, SCSI and fibre channel interface. We have one of the broadest product lines from simple drives that work with laptop computers to the 16 bay, multi-disk RAID solutions for film editing, and everything in between. MD > What is your newest product in the line now? PS > The newest product is G-Speed ES. That is a 4-drive eSATA solution. It comes with a controller card that let's you set up different RAID levels. You can plug up to four of these 4-drive units into it to get up to 16 drives on one controller. Very fast. MD > Are your products primarily for the commercial end of the business? PS > No. As I said, our products range from devices for the simplest Apple computer. Apple computer is one of our major customers. It's mainly single drive and a few dual drive units they take. One of our most successful vertical markets is the content-creation business, which is television production graphics because we feel our drives are more reliable than other solutions. They are built better. All of our enclosures are built better. They are aluminum enclosures. You can hold one in your hands and you get something substantial. We only use the best parts. We only use Hitachi drives and all assembly is done here in the United States. MD > As marketing director for G- Technology, what major points would you like to pass on to our readers? PS > We probably have one of the broadest product lines and it does span from consumer things right through to the professional content-creation uses. We are very popular in the contact-creation industry because of the longevity of our products. We just use the best parts. We are also very focused on performance. Coming from that television-production background, drives are used differently in producing video than they are in your off- the-shelf, stack up your photos, type of scenario. They are used a lot heavier - they are used a lot more and our stuff stands up to those rigors. For More Information > G-Technology Inc., can be contacted by e- mail at or by calling 310-449-4599. The best way to contact technical support is by email at INTERVIEW BY LEE GRIGGS

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