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138 MacDirectory PROFILE MACWIRELESS > A LONG RELATIONSHIP WITH APPLE Manooch Khajeh is the CEO of MacWireless and the original founder of API Engineering, formed prior to changing the name to MacWireless. Manooch began his journey with Apple approximately 20 years ago designing Ethernet cards for Mac. MacDirectory > Manooch, how did you get started with Macintosh? MacWireless > Mac did not have Ethernet cards on the motherboard, so I started designing Ethernet cards for the motherboards on desktop machines. Then later on when laptops came out, I designed products for them. We designed, developed and licensed over 30 hardware products for the foremost names in Mac networking. You may recognize some of the devices we made for Farallon, Asante, Dayna Communications, Newer Tech, and Focus Enhancements. And then Apple gradually added Ethernet and then later on 10-100 Ethernet right on the motherboard. At the end of the '90s and the beginning of the 2000s, I started working on wireless. I developed the first wireless products for Macintosh based on 802.11. That product was called the Skyline. We had wireless for Macintosh before Apple had wireless. So that is the history of this company MacWireless. We go back as far as networking. There are some pictures of the early products on our Web site. If you click on "About Us" you will find the MacWireless Museum. MD > When did MacWireless start? MW > MacWireless made its first appearance at MacWorld 2002 in New York. We started MacWireless with three products -- which were the llBPC card, 11B USB and 11BPCI, and since then we have evolved the product line so that now we now have 11B, 11G and 11N lineup for all the Macs. We have a wireless solution for nearly all the older Macs. MD > Is there anything special you would like to bring out here? MW > We have a product called POE -- Power Over the Internet. If you have a base station that normally needs electricity to run through a transformer to get DC current to the device and it requires an Ethernet data cable -- what POE does -- it takes the DC power and injects it into the data wire. POE carries the power for the device over the same data cable. This is an excellent item for schools where they put the device in the ceiling of a class room or auditorium. The one data wire can go to 333 feet. This CAT 5 data cable carries the data and the power. You have an injector on one end and a separator or splitter on the other end. The installer has to run only the one cable. We support all the Apple base stations even back to the original Airport base station. In December (2007) we will also be offering switches -- Internet switches -- that provide power, POE power, right in the switch. These will be on our Web site. MD > What is your goal for MacWireless? MW > The primary goal of MacWireless is to deliver what our name stands for. If it's wireless and it works with Macintosh, then MacWireless is the company that provides it. MD > What do you see for the future? MW > Apple is doing extremely well. My hope and my goal is to grow MacWireless to follow… Apple to deliver a great line of wireless products to work with the Macintosh. MacWireless is now the premier supplier of wireless products for Macintosh. We offer a full line of innovative 11b and 11 g wireless solutions, including cards, routers, antennae, and boosters. We specialize in state-of-the-art accessories for the Apple Airport Base Station and in helping older Macs join the wireless revolution. MacWireless has optimized its online support process by providing full product documentation and information to help with prompt and easy resolution of your technical questions or issues. Contact MacWireless at or, or at its Web site . WORDS BY E. LEE GRIGGS

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