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Winter-Spring 2008 (#36)

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126 MacDirectory PROFILE IPODJUICE.COM > KEEPS YOUR ITUNES GOING & GOING & GOING... Did you know that your iPod has a battery that can actually run out and probably will? Did you know that if you send your iPod to Apple for battery replacement the one you get back may not be the one you originally sent? Ipodjuice offers efficient, low-cost iPod and iPhone battery replacement kits for users. The kits, which sell for between $25 and $40, provide users with all the tools and equipment they will need to remove their old battery and install the new one. So how did come about? MacDirectory spoke to Anthony Magnabosco, the firm's owner. "We started this (company) off specifically for the iPods. The company was always intended to be just for iPod batteries and maybe a few accessories. We talked about (expanding) at one point and decided that we wanted to focus just on batteries and just be the best at that." It is a decision that no one regrets, considering the company gets between 50 and 70 orders a day – more than enough to keep their staff "busy all the time." Best of all for his firm, Magnabosco does not see his company's workload slowing down any time soon. The iPod, it seems, has an appeal that just keeps growing. "The demographic (of iPod users) is all across the board. We have parents wanting to put batteries in their kid's minis; we have teenagers, moms and dads, grandparents calling to replace the batteries in their personal iPods. It is about 50-50 male to female, and there is no age limit. I have never seen a product that cuts across all demographic lines like this." Yet as varied as iPod users are, their needs and expectations in relation to their iPods are quite specific. For instance, when they send their iPod in to have the battery replaced, they want the same piece of equipment back. Along with selling battery replacement kits, also offers a service whereby they will replace iPod and iPhone batteries in house. It costs a little more than the do-it-yourself method, but surprisingly cost is not the biggest concern to customers who choose to use this service. Magnabosco explains, "Normally when your iPod battery dies you have to send it off to Apple and…what you get back is probably a refurbished iPod, not your original one that you got as a gift or spent so much time picking out. The iPod we get from a customer is the exact one that we send back. People want to keep their data; they do not want to lose it. They also want to keep their original iPod." The staff at is sensitive to that, and makes sure that any iPod or iPhone sent in for battery replacement is returned to its rightful owner, as good as new. "When we replace a battery you can't even tell that the iPod has been opened, our tool gets in there and does (the battery replacement) safely and you can't even tell that someone was in there." Magnabosco says his company's biggest challenge so far has been making people aware of the fact that iPods have batteries that can run out and will need to be replaced. "Only about 30 percent of iPod owners are even aware of the issue. Most of them don't even realize that their battery can fail or that if it does they won't be able to fix it like you can with a regular piece of equipment." To that end, he is offering MacDirectory readers a coupon for $4 off shipping of a battery kit. Just type in MD1 or MD2 when ordering. is the only company that guarantees its iPod batteries for 10 years, as well as providing batteries that can be ordered as part of a do-it-yourself kit or replaced in-house. WORDS BY JONE DEVLIN

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