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Winter-Spring 2008 (#36)

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REVIEW | VIDEO 108 MacDirectory Accessories for the iPod are amazing in their number and variety, but of these hundreds of products few in the class merit a double-take from passers by. One of these is the MYVU personal media viewer, an eyeglasses-style accessory for enjoying big screen iPod video while making a fashion statement that simply screams Fifth Element. Designed for use with recent video iPods and 3rd generation Nanos, the $199.95 MYVU Solo Plus enables users to see and hear their favorite movies, shows and podcasts in complete privacy and in complete daylight. It also provides the equivalent of viewing a large-screen television from across the room. It has a pair of earbud phones built in to the sides of the device, and it includes a clip-on pendant for controlling your iPod as well as a USB cable for charging the unit for up to four hours of viewing. It includes a set of adjustable, swappable and inconspicuous nose pads for assuring a perfect fit. It also includes swappable in-ear noise-reducing earbud inserts in various sizes for sharing the viewer among friends. Eyeglass wearers are included in the fun, thanks to optional clip-on lenses that can be ordered from the manufacturer. The MYVU Solo Plus personal media viewer is compatible with the iPod touch, iPod Nano, iPod classic and the 5th generation video iPod and third generation Nano. Hands On The MYVU Solo Plus is easy to use. Just give the bendable nose pad insert a slight tweak, chose the right diameter of earbud inserts, charge the unit and you are ready to go. The device is lightweight and comfortable. It is also an attention-getter. As for video and sound, the resolution is much better than one would assume for its slim profile. While you can view video in daylight, this is not to say that they are the thing to wear in the glare of an August at White Sands, but the image is quite acceptable in most lighting conditions. The audio is quite good as well. One should mention that, as with other in-the- ear-canal phones, you either love them or hate them. An option for in-ear phones would increase the appeal of the device, but most users will find the provided phones to be just right. While one might anticipate more than a few bruised foreheads from walking into concealed lampposts, the miniature video display is both see-through and see- around, making it safe in many non- driving situations (except when crossing a street while watching I Am Legend). While the Solo Plus is ideal for a range of iPods, its iPod-specific connector rules out the iPhone. Those who use portable video solutions other than iPod can find salvation in a $199.95 "universal" sister product from MYVU that is compatible with video cameras, MP4 players and DVD players. Another product, the clearance priced $249.95 "fully loaded" version with a combination battery pack/iPod sleeve is also available, but only for 5th generation 30, 60 and 80 GB video iPods. Conclusion The MYVU PMV is very appealing, offering the combination of a handy and highly portable video display with a sleek, slim, and sexy fashion statement. If you are in need of an ultra-portable viewer for your iPod and have the right hair, you cannot fail to make an impression while enjoying your favorite videos. MYVU SOLO PLUS > NOW HERE'S AN ACCESSORY FOR YOUR IPOD Product MYVU Solo Plus Made by MYVU Corporation Price $199.95 Pros Works well in various lighting conditions, clip-on lens option is available Cons Ear canal phones design not universally appealing; not compatible with iPhone Rating HHHH WORDS BY TREY YANCY

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