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Winter-Spring 2008 (#36)

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100 MacDirectory REVIEW | MUSIC The iPod forever changed the way that we all listen to our music. Then along came the first iPod speaker docks, which changed the way that we listen to our iPods. So 100 million iPods later, what's next? Say hello to Eos. Named for the Greek goddess of dawn, Eos wants to change the way that you listen to your music all over again. How? By allowing you to listen to your music not just in one room, but all over the house. Don't be fooled by the pedestrian look of the familiar iPod docking system; Eos Wireless is much more. Made by Intellitouch, Eos is a full multi-room digital wireless audio system that can be used with anything from a CD player to the iPhone. Eos can also be used almost anywhere at any time, and is capable of broadcasting crystal clear digital audio up to 150 feet to up to four wireless satellite receivers. Best of all, Eos' sound quality is pure, playing your entire lovingly down- loaded repertoire without the problems of static, ambient noise, or distortion. How, you ask (again)? The answer is because Eos provides full 48KHz digital stereo signal (CD quality) to all wireless satellite receivers, meaning its sound quality is long range and highly resistant to interference. Jeff O'Shea, founder and executive vice president of Intellitouch summed his product up when he told MacDirectory, "Eos Wireless sounds good anywhere." What he could have added was that it is also very simple to use and set up, and works with a variety of products, from iPods, satellite radios, old school CD players, to even your cool new iPhone. Unlike Bluetooth, which only transmits to one speaker, Eos Wireless can transmit to up to four wireless speakers — putting users in total control of where (and how) they want to listen to their music. Sound complicated? Wrong. Along with designing Eos to be one of the clearest- sounding, high-performing wireless sys- tems in the industry, Intellitouch also made it one of the easiest to set up and use. You plug it in and Eos plays, it's that simple. The Eos system consists of two parts, a docking station/transmitter and wireless speaker/receivers. Both the docking station and wireless speakers feature great sounding 2.1 stereo drivers complemented with SRS surround sound. The self-contained wireless speakers are lightweight and easy to manage and have individual volume controls. A great design feature of the wireless speakers allows them to plug right into the wall socket with no mounting required (the speakers can also be placed on tabletops or shelves). Users can easily move the speakers around from room to room, or even use them outdoors. Traveling soon? Eos is also completely portable, and works as well in a hotel room or vacation suite as it does in your own home. Says O'Shea, "Many of our customers have told us they never travel without their Eos." Using the iPod's alarm feature, Eos is a great way to wake up. Because it is fully wireless, Eos is the perfect sound system for condos and apartments. And unlike expensive wired systems, when you move, Eos can move with you. The Eos core system comes with the speaker dock and one wireless stereo speaker. But if you're like most users, you'll want to add more Eos wireless speakers (available separately) throughout your home. Eos is much more than the sum of its parts. It's a well thought-out product that will indeed change the way that you listen to your music. Designed to be a high performer, Eos consistently lives up to that standard. So if you are looking for a system that provides high-quality sound coupled with the flexibility of wireless and is simple to use, Eos is the way to go. EOS WIRELESS FROM INTELLITOUCH > PROVIDING QUALITY SOUND WHEREVER YOU ARE Product Eos Wireles Made by Intellitouch Price $249 (core system), $124 (extra wireless speakers) Pros Clear, high quality, wireless sound system; easy to use and with a long range Cons None Rating HHHHH WORDS BY JONE DEVLIN

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