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MacDirectory 99 CLOSER LOOK Haven't found just the right protective case for your favorite high-tech Apple products yet? Perhaps you should take a good hard look at the quality protective cases that are available from Rhinoskin. Rhinoskin specializes in designing and manufacturing device-specific protective cases. In other words, this company custom builds a protective case that will fit snugly and securely on any of your favorite high-tech devices. As such, Rhinoskin cases have developed a bit of a cult following among the company's satisfied customers – as witnessed by e- mails and phone calls into the Rhinoskin customer service center. Kelley Wheeler, a marketing manager with Rhinoskin, explains: "Say a typical Rhinoskin customer upgrades their device -- they will call to order a new case," Wheeler said. "Or if we are in devel- opment, they will often wait or ask to be contacted once it has become available." Types of Cases Rhinoskin sells aluminum MacBook cases and ABS MacBook cases – further, these protective cases have been custom made for the 13-, 15- and 17-inch MacBook computer models. The company also makes aluminum/poly- carbonate hard cases and leather cases for various types of iPods. Additionally, Rhinoskin makes both aluminum and polycarbonate covers for iPod Shuffles. Users can expect these iPod cases to be stylish as well as functional. For instance, the iPod Shuffle polycarbonate cases come in orange, green, blue and pink hues. Of course, these protective cases have practical features as well; you can, for instance, have quick access to click- wheel and function buttons with the protective case on. At present, Rhinoskin is working on a protective case solution for the iPhone and iPod Touch. According to Rhinoskin, the new touch screens have presented quite a unique challenge in developing protective cases. "Most cases on the market today feature an opening or thin protective film over the touch screen," Wheeler explained. "Hope- fully, by the time this goes to press, we will have a case for both of these devices that offers full protection." While at present the iPod protective cases are especially popular among iPod aficionados, Rhinoskin says that greater interest is also currently being generated in the laptop cases -- especially the aluminum laptop protective case that is new to the market. "The aluminum laptop case is a road warrior for the MacBook, so to speak," said Wheeler. While Rhinoskin creates a number of Apple-specific protective case solutions, the company is not limited to selling protective cases for Apple products alone. As such, consumers can also find a variety of protective cases for products from companies that include Hewlett-Packard, Motorola, Dell, RIM Blackberry, Polycom and others. Rhinoskin also offers numerous protective solutions for gaming devices and offers items that are not company-specific, including durable belt clips and universal cases. Furthermore, since the company believes in its protective casing products, all of the Rhinoskin products are guaranteed to be free from defects due to material or workmanship, and the company also agrees to provide one year of normal service to the user. The Future As the PDA market declines, Rhinoskin believes that the protective case future will revolve around smartphones. The success of the iPhone, specifically the product's touch-screen technology, means other companies are rushing to duplicate and improve upon the technology. For more information, see . RHINOSKIN > STAYING ON THE CASE FOR ITS CUSTOMERS WORDS BY LARISA REDINS

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