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56 MacDirectory INTERVIEW we've overcome this. Dave Kemp, our lead demonstrator, has been playing a year and doesn't think he's scratched the surface yet, which is a great sign. MD > Does Eigenlabs use Apple technology in any capacity? E > We use a wide mixture of technologies here. We're pretty heterogeneous. I personally use a Mac running ProTools and Logic in my studio and am still using my battered old Palm Treo, though it's showing its age now. Lots of people here are welded to their iPhones and iPods. MD > What are your personal thoughts about Apple? E > I like Apple hardware. It's well-made, beautifully designed and the software pretty much works, which is more than can be said for most computers. I worry that as Apple becomes more dominant in some markets that they will become a lot less cool (the lack of openness in iPhone apps is the only reason I haven't yet succumbed and replaced my ancient Treo for example), but we'll have to wait and see on that front. As far as the design of computer hardware goes, with the exception of their mice which have always been amusingly horrible, they make the standards for everyone to meet right now. There isn't a laptop made that can touch the current Apple MacBook Pro's for design. MD > Have any well-known musicians or composers expressed an interest? E > Yes, we've had a really, really positive reaction from composers and players, over the course of a number of demonstrations. I think this can be seen in comments and feedback on the Web. There are some very well known musicians interested or already playing Eigenharps. I can tell you, for example, that Hans Zimmer took one back to L.A. with him two weeks ago. For More Information: Both the Eigenharp Alpha and Pico are available now through Eigenlabs with full details and specifications at Also, search YouTube with the keyword "Eigenharps" for some incredible demos. EIGENLABS > THE NEW MACHINE'S GOT SOUL

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