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CLOSER LOOK SPIGEN SGP >TURNS YOUR IPHONE OUT WORDS BY JONE DEVLIN You know how it goes, you're on the phone and running around. Suddenly, it happens…you stumble, or your hand slips, and the next thing you know your phone has a giant scratch on it. It's a terrible feeling, and also one that, unfortunately, most of us have experienced. But even worse, is when this happens even though you have taken the time and effort (and spent the money) to get a protective covering. The good news is that those days are gone now that SPIGEN SGP has come on the scene. SPIGEN SGP is a company whose forte is designing and manufacturing scratch-resistant coating films and cases to ensure the lasting quality of your delicate devices. Not only does SPIGEN offer a large variety of skins and protectors, but it is continually looking for ways to improve, strengthen, and expand its line of products. MacDirectoryrecently spoke to a SPIGEN representative about the company and its commitment to keeping your iPhone safe. He was excited about all of their products, but noted that a standout was one of the newest – the GLAS.t skin protector. Glass protecting glass is a unique approach and to the novice ear may sound odd. Glass, as we know it, is far more fragile than plastic. Thick glass (like Fiberglas) tends to scratch easily, and doesn't reflect images clearly and crisply – a factor that guarantees it won't be attractive to an iPhone user. GLAS.t solves all these problems, using premium tempered glass in order to completely protect your screen while guaranteeing scratch resistance and a clear, clean view of your iPhone screen. But while the GLAS.t is the newest (and according to company rep Jay Jun one of the most popular) addition to SPIGEN's product stable, it certainly isn't the only one. For instance, there is the SGP Incredible Shield 3.0. This is a soft skin shield that works to protect the body of your iPhone while its hard-coated film protects the LCD screen. The film is designed to offer the highest level of abrasion resistance possible while still enabling your iPhone screen to show clearly. Best of all, the film can be easily removed from the phone without leaving any lingering residue. But it isn't just in the area of screen protection that SPIGEN SGP excels. It is also known for designing a large stable of high- quality and attractive iPhone skins, like the Modello. Modello bills itself as offering the "craziest ever" phone skin design. Jay Jun told MacDirectorythat the majority of SPIGEN SGP's customers are "a younger crowd…" and that those users want something that is not only utilitarian, but unique, eye catching and edgy – in other words, the Modello. Said Jun, "The Modello is affordable (and) very urban and cutting edge. It's a different style than what we're used to." The Modello is brightly colored, with a variety of unique, eye catching designs. Like all of SPIGEN's products, the skin is made to protect your device from drops, marks, and dust. The film is durable, flexible, and scratch resistant. In fact, the Modello's clever use of both hard plastic and soft silicone in its design guarantee that it has all the advantages of each of these items, without any of the drawbacks. So if you are looking for a skin that makes you iPhone pop while at the same time guaranteeing that it will stay as safe as possible, take a look at SPIGEN SGP. Its large stable of unique and eye-catching products, coupled with superior styling, high quality, and reasonable prices, will quickly convince you to make it your first and only stop for iPhone styling and protection. And yes, most of these skins and protective coverings are available for the iPad 2. 92 MacDirectory

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