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CLOSER LOOK SMARTDESKS >GIVING YOU A SMARTER WAY TO ORGANIZE YOUR OFFICE WORDS BY JONE DEVLIN AND JOHN KESSELL How great would it be if your classroom or training center was arranged to suit your personal style, instead of the other way around? How much more efficient would your students or new employees be if they were able to focus on getting the most out of their training, instead of trying to maneuver themselves and their equipment on too small, uncomfortable desks. The good news is that both of these options, and more, are a reality at SmartDesks. SmartDesks describes itself as a company that is "shaping conferencing and education…" And it is in this vein that SmartDesks has just come out with 2012's Collaborative Furniture Collection. The Collaborate Furniture Collection is an amazing series of five designs that can be set up in a variety of ways. From the Piano 14, which gives an edgy new spin to the conference table, to the Quark mobile height-adjustable laptop tables, the new Collaborative Furniture Collection will definitely change the way you think about industrial furniture. The company was started, according to CEO Jeff Korber, when, after years of providing interiors for everything from offices to libraries and restaurants, Korber decided to apply his knowledge and experience in the field to schools and other companies, and to work with his customers to facilitate products that make these spaces functional as well as professional – thus SmartDesks was born. The company was successful immediately, mostly because it focused on using a solution-based approach for their customers. What this means is that SmartDesks did not and does not use a "one size fits all" model for their client. Instead, they take the time to work closely with the customer, using a variety of methods, to find out what they really want – and more importantly – what they really need. One example of this is that while customers are invited and welcome to peruse the example products pictured on the company website; SmartDesks doesn't actually have any existing inventory – everything is specially made for the individual; with the final product being the result of the ongoing collaboration that takes place between the company and its customers. So how do you get started? Customers who are interested in purchasing SmartDesks products are first asked to fill out a Design questionnaire. The purpose of this questionnaire is to find out both utilitarian information, such as room features and dimensions as well as specific information regarding what, exactly, the customer is going for; i.e. classroom, conference room, study center etc. Not a design expert? No problem, the SmartDesks process is designed in such a way that it makes things easy for all levels of experience and availability. The company even provides options for additional services, like set-up and inside delivery. It is this level of effort, from introduction to delivery that has enabled SmartDesks to consistently provide customers with the best solution possible. So how does this detailed process work in today's fast-paced environment? Very well in fact, as SmartDesks has expertise at working on quick turnarounds, boasting a highly skilled production team that can quickly and easily put together even the most complex classroom or training center. And then there is the new Collaborative Collection, which not only offers smart styling and a modern twist on the traditional, but the ability to be modified and used in a multitude of ways. Thus, as company's needs and styles change, so as needs change, so can your classroom set- up. As an added bonus, SmartDesks furniture comes with a lifetime warranty – so you never have to worry about damage. So if you're tired of the one size fits all approach to the classroom environment, and want to give your company a practical and highly efficient alternative to the usual, take a look at SmartDesks. 90 MacDirectory

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