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CLOSER LOOK THE GRABLET >PERFECT FOR YOUR IPAD WORDS BY CLAUDIA PAREDES Ryan and Shanna Cote came up with the perfect solution to keep your iPad safely in your hands. No more slipping away, no more using two hands, no more having to worry of dropping and cracking this fabulous accessory. The Grablet has arrived to keep your iPad in its place. "Normally you'd buy a number of iPad cases to do all of these things, but The Grablet can do just about everything on its own. I'm giving the Grablet a double thumbs-up!" said Steven Sande, from There are many accessories that are essential to Apple consumers. However, there are only a few that truly make a difference in their lives. The Grablet is one of those gadgets. It is not only cool, but multi-functional. It's designed to be modular in nature, the straps come apart and you can attach them to anything. Try hanging it the back of the seat in your car, so that kids can enjoy a movie on the way home, or hang it from a hook anywhere in your house or at work. "Overall, The Grablet provides a great opportunity for creativity, and will definitely be popular among kids. If you are looking for something unique and fun, the Grablet is your case," said Matthew Lim, from The Grablet is perfect for medical, retail, or educational purposes. You can move around, takes notes, and play your favorite games. There is no need to hold your iPad with two hands anymore. The Grablet has a ring that hooks to a safety strap and magically you become hands-free. This is an invention perfect for students and teachers. Plus it is adjustable for any type of hand. Plus, the Grablet is made of an indestructible plastic. Try to break it, bend it, fold it into four parts, and it won't tear. In addition, the Grablet won't come off your hands regardless of the activity. The Grablet made its big debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012. Manufacturer, distributer, and designer Ryan Cote was there to demonstrate how useful this device is. However, the device had been on sale through the website before that. "This product is very versatile and has many applications in the home, car, or in the workplace," from The Grablet has become the new member of the Cote family, and soon it will be part of yours. This device will transform the way you use your iPad. You can play, work, watch, perform, and create. You can also use the hand wrap to prop your iPad at the perfect angle for typing. No more tired hands from typing in uncomfortable positions! This device is available in a variety of vibrant colors. Find the one that matches with your personality. Also, it is available for the iPad, iPad 2, and the newest version of the iPad released on March 2012. In addition, it is compatible with all Apple Smart Covers. Get your Grablet at or . Price: $39.99 88 MacDirectory

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