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CLOSER LOOK KAE CORP. > MOUNTING SYSTEMS FOR BROADCAST ENGINEERS WORDS BY CLAUDIA PAREDES KAE Corporation was founded in Salt Lake City in 1998. The company offers rack accessory products such as VTR and Monitor Pull Out Mounting Shelves, Apple Mac Pro and Mac Mini Rack Mounts, iPad Desk Stand and iMac Security Collar, and PC Keyboard and Mouse Shelves and Drawers, among many others. "We design and manufacture mounting systems for the broadcast and communication industries. All products are manufactured in the USA," The KAE Corporation Team. These products were designed to meet the needs of professional broadcast engineers. They are reliable, efficient, and cost effective products that are put to good use every day. There is no need to search through pages and pages of other audio and video products, because KAE Corp. is devoted to the best rack accessories available. Starting with the creation of the highly successful POS series of VTR mounting shelves, their designs have evolved to include stationary shelves, blank spacers, PC Monitor and keyboard mounting systems, cable management products, cooling fans, and electrical products. All KAE Corporation products carry a full, 30-day return policy. "We stand behind our products with a full LIFETIME WARRANTY on all shelves and metal products. Electrical products carry a 2 year full parts and labor warranty. We are confident that KAE Corporation will become your preferred rack accessory product supplier," KAE Corporation Team. The VTR and Monitor Pull Out Mounting Shelves utilize high quality ball bearing slides, and the POS shelf system allows for easy installation and maintenance of the Mac Mini computers. Their four rack unit stationary shelf for the Mac Mini allows the user to mount up to six Mac Minis, and access them from the front of the rack. Their pull-out shelves mount one or two Mac Pro units, and can be adjusted vertically with no modifications. The Rack Mount Stationary Shelf series is great for mounting VCRs, audio equipment, PC and video monitors, test equipment, tape jackets, and countless other products that don't lend themselves to installing rack slides without customization. The Rack Mount Stationary Shelves will meet all of your rack mounting needs. The RM-G5-PO rack mount for one or two Mac Pro has become the industry standard. The product has individual pull out mounts that the Mac Pro hangs on. The pull outs also allow the customer to access the side panel on the Mac Pro to upgrade or service the drives. When fully extended, the customer may de-cable the Mac Pro from the front of the rack. Option cable managers are available. Also available for this model are 3U recessed brackets, RBK-3. This allows the front of the Mac Pro to be recessed into the rack if the customer is using Dolby Dongles. KAE Corporation also has PC Keyboard & Mouse Shelves and Drawers. They offer three means to rack mount PC Keyboards and Mouse. The POKBS-2 is a 2U pullout swivel keyboard shelf/drawer with retractable mouse pad. The machine. Once the shelf system is installed in your rack, the machine is placed on the shelf. All products can fit within this rack. As well, with this rack there is no need to remove top or side covers. Just place the VTR on the shelf straight out of the box. KAE Corporation offers a full line of Under the Desk Mount solutions for Mac Pro and SKBS-1, a 1U in front of rack stationary shelf to hold a full size PC Keyboard and Mouse Pad, and the KBD-1 is a 1U drawer, with fold down front panel, that houses a customer supplied PC mini keyboard and mouse device. Visit for more information. 86 MacDirectory

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