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INTERVIEW DJ BOSSE >BOSSE SPORTS AN INTERVIEW WITH DJ BOSSE MacDirectory > Please tell us a little about your background that led you to your leadership position in the health club development field. Dj Bosse > I wouldn't call myself an expert but I have gathered a lot of experience by getting involved in every aspect of the fitness industry. I left South Africa at age 16 with a full tennis scholarship at Texas Tech. After college I turned pro, traveled the world and spent a lot of time with elite athletes and coaches. Following my professional tennis career, I coached juniors and pros, and learned from the ground up what it takes to maximize performance. It's from this vantage point that I started my first business, Evolution Sports Science. It was designed to do human performance testing and create strategies to enhance athletic performance based on an individual's biomarkers. Professional athletes and high-powered corporate executives were the main market. After Evolution Sports Science, I conceived the idea of Bosse Sports to offer athletic families a sophisticated fitness experience where there was something for every family member. With all my industry knowledge, I knew there was demand for this model and that I could deliver against it. I raised the money, designed it and created a one-of-a-kind experience. MD > What guided your personal philosophy in creating a state-of-the-art fitness club? DJ > We were voted best in class by Forbes Magazi neand voted one of America's most luxurious health clubs by CNBC. I'm very proud of these accomplishments. The Bosse Sports experience is unique, from the time you enter to the time you leave. The look is sophisticated, the staff members are talented and come from all MD > What role does technology currently play in fitness? DJ > Technology is always exciting, and I believe it's here to stay in the fitness world. The design and engineering of the equipment has evolved tremendously and the equipment technology is more user friendly. But the measurements captured, such as blood pressure, heart rate and calorie burn, have not changed much. MD > What's your vision for the future of technology in fitness? over the world, and the experience is seamless. We work very hard on quality assurance by focusing on customized service, culture and, yes, cleanliness. We differentiate ourselves from other clubs because of these three pillars. MD > What is the new model for clubs, how have they changed from the past, and why? DJ > There are many models of clubs popping up. They range from low cost, high volume to sports-specific clubs such as boxing gyms or ones that offer only equipment. Consumers drive the market and they demand an efficient, productive gym visit with little aggravation. We are able to provide the simple touches like greeting the member by name and offering concierge services. I would define The Bosse Sports model as a blend between a country club and a fitness club, emphasizing the fact that we don't engender any of the negative social experiences often associated with high- end country clubs. DJ > The first is that health clubs would be able to integrate the great research from the world of genetics about individuals' predisposition to certain diseases. They would be able to deliver specific exercise and nutrition programming to offset the identified risks from a young age. Diseases like diabetes are already very manageable if strategies for fitness, nutrition and lifestyle are put in place. We have the ability to help people add years to their lives and, from a healthcare perspective, save lots of money. Imagine what an enhanced role fitness clubs could play if genetic information was accessible for a client's program and routine? The second vision for technology is my out-of-the-box idea. I'd like to create holographic mentors so that you could train with your favorite athlete, coach or mentor. Bill Belichick, Lance Armstrong or Tiger Woods could be right next to you to encourage and motivate you as you train. Beam me up Scotty! This reality would be awesome. And it's a dream I hope becomes reality. To contact D.J. with comments or ideas about the future of technology in fitness and health, please email 42 MacDirectory

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